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Rain garden workshops have been scheduled for 2021. Click here to see dates and locations. Workshops are free, but pre-registration is required by calling City Utilities at 311 or 260-427-8311.

Welcome to Catching Rain!

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 As part of Fort Wayne's effort to improve the quality of our three rivers and the streams that feed them, City Utilities encourages home owners, businesses and institutions to build rain gardens. We'll show you how!

Fort Wayne's landscape has changed significatly over the past hundred years. Rain gardens are designed to absorb excess rainwater off of roads and buildings, keeping pollutants out of our waterways. A rain garden is a landscaped area that holds rain water runoff for a few hours to a few days. Rain gardens are planted with native plants that help the soil soak up more water, and are designed to return this stormwater runoff to the ground naturally.

Help Fort Wayne reach its goal of 1,000 rain gardens! So far, over 100 rain gardens have been created in and around Fort Wayne. Is there one in your neighborhood? 

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