Storm water runoff is a significant source of water pollution. As the amount of hard surface -- streets, parking lots, rooftops and other structures -- in communities increases, there is more storm water runoff and it runs off faster.

Storm water runoff can cause erosion. When this happens storm water carries more sediment into our rivers and streams. Storm water also carries other pollutants such as gasoline and other petroleum products from streets, fertilizer and other chemicals from yards and bacteria from pet waste. Storm water runoff may also cause the temperature of streams to rise, which can be harmful to aquatic life.

There are many techniques that can be used to manage stormwater. In the spring of 2009, Fort Wayne City Utilities hosted a series of workshops on using green stormwater managment techniques.

Low Impact Development

Pervious Pavement

  • Jennifer Roberts, PE, LEED AP, Elements Engineering
  • Chuck Taylor, Advanced Pavement Technology, Ecologic Paver System Division
  • Jerry Larson, Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Association

Green Solutions