There are a number of other useful websites that can provide additional information about rain gardens. Her are just a few: -- At this site you may subscribe to the Rain Garden Network Newsletter, learn more about the connection between rain gardens and stormwater runoff pollution and find helpful how-to information for planting and maintaining a rain garden. -- This 10,000 rain garden initiative in Kansas City as launched in November 2005. The initiative includes a comprehensive education compaign to help citizens learn about their role in water quality. -- A great website with information about programs to infiltrate more water in Wisconsin. -- This program focuses on rain gardens in Western Michigan and includes an environmental education program focused on stormwater education and on the value of using rain gardens and native plants in the landscape to improve urban water quality. -- Beautiful site that discusses why native plants are optimal for use in rain gardens. -- Rain gardens on Wikipedia -- Provides a searchable database of plants. If you know the plant genus you can find more information including a photo and cultivars. -- Part of the Redesigning the American Neighborhood (RAN) project at the University of Vermont. Many stormwater related pages. -- This site includes links to many resources for planning and planting rain gardens.

www.aspca.orgl -- This site provides information about plants that may be toxic to pets. -- This site includes a search function that may be used to identify plants that may be poisonous to children.