Riverview Nursery in Spencerville, IN is a good source for Fort Wayne's recommended rain garden plants that have been grown locally from locally harvested seeds. City Utilities, Salomon Farm Park and Riverview Nursery are teaming up for a rain garden plant sale with free refreshments and give-aways on May 27, 2017.

Cathcing RainRain
Rain Garden/Native Plant Sale
May 27, 2017        9:00 AM - Noon
Salomon Farm Park
817 W. Dupont RoadFort Wayne, Indiana

Why Use Native Plants?

Rain gardens are typically planted with perennial native plants. Native plants are recommended because:

  1. They are adapted to the local climate and are able to thrive in both wet and dry conditions and they can survive winters in northeast Indiana.
  2. They attract and provide a food source for native birds and insects that are needed to pollinate crops.
  3. They have robust root systems that help break up soil so that more rain water can soak into the ground.

Recommended Rain Garden Plants
Information about invasive plant species