Rain Garden Plant List

Comprehensive Plant List -- alphabetical by common name

Native Plants including wildflowers and grasses are recommended for use in your rain garden.Fort Wayne has compiled an extensive list of plants that might work well in a rain garden in northeast Indiana. You may already have many of these plants in your yard.

Aggressive Plants The following plants are considered to be aggressive spreaders: Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower, New England Aster, Wild Bergamot, Yellow Coneflower, Cup Plant (if it does not have competition from other plants), Joe Pye Weed (moderate), Mountain Mint (somewhat creeping, but can be controlled), Ohio Spiderwort (without competition).

Questions about the sunlight requirements and drainage needs for these plants can be directed to your favorite nursery, garden center or home store.

Toxic PlantsSome plants that you may have or use in your yard may be poisonous to children or pets. The websites shown below can provide more information about plant toxicity:

Cornell University -- Go to site.
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -- Go to site.
Local Sourcesfor native and rain garden plants are:


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