Dividing Plants

Rain garden plants can be divided if they have grown too large for the garden or if you want plants for another location or to share with family and friends. Plants can be divided in the spring or early in the fall.


To divide plants, you will need a shovel and/or a garden trowel and a watering container.

Follow these steps for dividing plants:  

Select the plant that you want to divide. Find the base of the plant and carefully dig up the root mass. You may need to dig at several points around the plant in order to loosen all of the roots. You may be able to dig up the plant with a garden trowel or you may need a shovel.


Once you have the roots out of the ground, use a garden trowel or a knife to divide the root mass. Depending on the size of the plant you may want to divide it into half, thirds or even quarters.


Pull the sections apart to create new plants.


Dig a hole for the new plant deep enough to hold the root mass. The stem of the plant should be just above the level of the ground.


Place the plant in the hole, refill the hole with dirt to cover the roots and press dirt around the stem.


Water thoroughly.