Why Use Native Plants?

It's best to use perennial native plants in your rain garden because they are adapted to the local climate - able to thrive in both wet and dry conditions, they can survive the extremes of northeast Indiana's weather.

Gardens planted with these species also provide a food source for native birds and insects that are needed to pollinate crops. Native plants are especially important because they have robust root systems that help break up soil so that more rain water can soak into the ground.


Local Sources for Native & Rain Garden Plants


Riverview Nursery in Spencerville, IN 

A good source for rain garden plants that have been grown locally from locally harvested seeds. Call ahead to schedule an appointment.

5635 CR 72, Spencerville, IN 46788

Arbro Farms  

Arbor Farms Nursery in Fort Wayne, IN

Family-owned garden center owned by Purdue graduates.

12515 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46845

Mcn Logo  

McNamara Florist at Sandpoint in Fort Wayne, IN

McNamara's Sandpoint location offers a 2-acre greenhouse, garden center, florist, and gift shop.

4322 De Forest Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46809

 Customer Service and Rain Garden 090